Valve Repacking

Valve Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

Branham Corporation is certified by Garlock Sealing Technologies to work with you to simplify your LDAR program.  Our field service technicians are certified to remove and re-pack even your most critical valves.  When installed by our certified technicians and according to warranty requirements these packings carry a 5 year guarantee for emissions compliance (100 ppm). 

Whether a need exists for an engineered packing set like Garlock’s EVSP or Quickset or the convenient spool stock like 1303-FEP and the new 212-ULE, Branham Corporation is here to help you keep your plant in compliance.


  • Ideal for standard and non-standard valves
  • Critical service pumps and valves
  • Reduction of plant emissions to meet LDAR standards
  • Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processing Industries


  • Meets emissions standards for VOC’s with less than 100 ppm
  • Low stem/shaft friction for longer running life
  • Environmentally friendly performance
  • Spool stock for quick replacement
  • Installation by certified technicians with warranty

Certification - Certified Valve Packing Installer FDAR Click to view

Garlock Sealing Technologies - Certified Valve Packing Installer

"Branham Corporation Louisville, KY has successfully completed on-site training for proper installation procedures with emphasis on Garlock Styles 9000 EVSP* Simplified*. 9001-QuickSet**, 1303-FEP***, and 212 ULE, and is hereby acknowledged as a Certified Valve Installer, granted full access to the nationwide network of Garlock Sealing Technologies manufacturing, engineering and service experts."